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Body Lift

Many factors cause skin to lose its elasticity over time – whether that is from weight loss, genetics or pregnancy. The result is sagging skin on the body. Reducing excess fat and skin, a body lift helps boost the appearance of troubled areas around the body, resulting in a firmer, more-toned physique, as well as smoother skin.

The Approach

The surgical procedure is done by excision, which removes excess skin and fat. In addition, Dr. Harris uses a sutureless closer method that not only creates a less noticeable mark, but also offers patients a microbial barrier that allows them to shower immediately following the procedure.

Other Treatment Options

A body lift is regularly performed with liposuction (removal of fat deposits) to smooth out areas that are separate from the lift. It is also common to perform a body lift with a tummy tuck or inner thigh lift to balance out other areas of the body.

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