Plastysmaplasty (Neck Lift)


 Plastysmaplasty (Neck Lift)

Along with excess fat, loose skin and muscle can cause the aging appearance of the neck. Plastysmaplasty, more commonly known as a neck lift, tightens the skin and underlying muscles of the neck to improve and sharpen the shape of the jawline. The surgery is designed to reduce the look of the sagging skin around the neck area.

The Approach

This day surgery is performed under a general anesthetic in our fully accredited facility. If performed alongside a face lift, an overnight stay at the clinic is required. In addition, a sutureless closer method is used that not only creates a less noticeable mark, but also offers patients a microbial barrier that allows patients to shower immediately following the surgical procedure.

Other Options: Although the surgery can be done on its own, a neck lift is typically performed in conjunction with liposuction and a face lift.

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