Despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, many people struggle to remove unwanted fat that appears on specific areas of the body. The result is a disproportionate body contour. Liposuction reshapes and slims specific areas of the body that are susceptible to localized fat deposits. It targets the fat to remove it from the area (which range from the abdomen to the chin) resulting in a slimmer physique.

The Approach

Performed as a day surgery in Dr. Harris’ accredited facility, liposuction is achieved under a general anaesthetic, or, depending on the area of treatment, a local anaesthetic. In addition, a sutureless closer method is used that not only creates a less noticeable mark, but also offers patients a microbial barrier that allows patients to shower immediately following the procedure.

Other Treatment Options

Liposuction is often performed with a body lift, an arm lift or even lipoma removal to eliminate unwanted fat that appear on specific areas of the body.

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