Clay Peel

AFA Clay Peel

Clay Peel

An AFA Clay Peel works to improve the signs of aging by removing impurities, absorbing excess oil, and evening out the tone of the skin. The simple two-step procedure creates smoother and softer skin, restoring its youthful vibrancy. The effects of an AFA (Acidified Amino Acids) Clay Peel will be noticed almost immediately.

The Approach

The simple two-step procedure starts with a clay mask that draws out the skin impurities while absorbing the excess oils to prepare the skin for the peel. With less irritation than many other glycolic or AHA peels, the AFA Clay Peel is then applied and works to exfoliate dead skin cells while removing excess oils. The treatment is short – taking no longer than one hour.

Results can be seen almost immediately, although it is through a series of clay peels that show improvements in the overall appearance of the skin. This includes the improvement in texture, pigment irregularities, and enlarged pores.

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