Botox Cosmetic


Botox® Cosmetic is an injectable treatment that helps stop the appearance of aging by reducing the lines that cause wrinkles. Derived from a purified protein, Botox® works to relax the muscles that cause deep lines, as well as prevent the formation of new ones. The injections are most effective in areas where wrinkles are caused by movement, such as on the forehead, crow’s feet and the area between the eyebrows.

The Approach

Botox® works by minimizing the function of the muscles so they are unable to flex or fold the skin – which is the main cause of wrinkles. The protein is injected into the specific treatment area. At times, multiple Botox® treatments are recommended at regular intervals, and patients will work with Dr. Harris and the nurse injector, Angie, to determine the appropriate treatment schedule.

Botox® injections are performed on site at a fully accredited plastic surgery clinic.

Other Treatment Options

Along with Botox® injections, deeper lines may result in a recommendation to include fillers in the treatment plan such as Beautical®, Juvéderm®, or Restylane®.

Injections can also be used to treat other existing conditions, such as hyperhidrosis, which is the condition of excessive sweating.

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