Obagi Blue Peel®

Face work

Obagi Blue Peel®

An Obaji Blue Peel® restores the youthful tone of the skin by peeling away the signs of aging. The peel works to improve the complexion and texture of the skin by tightening and smoothing out the skin. It helps treat blemishes, uneven skin tone, facial lines and even scars.

The Approach

This gentle peel removes the thin surface layers of aged and damaged skin cells, replacing them with healthy ones. The active ingredient, trichloroacetic (TCA), is mixed with a blue base to monitor the depth of the skin that must be penetrated for the peel to effective.

On average, peeling will commence in two to three days and lasts about seven to ten days. Patients will work with Dr. Harris to determine if multiple treatments are necessary, as well as create a treatment schedule based on individual needs.

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