Micro Fat Transplantation (Fat Transfer)

Micro Fat Transplantation (Fat Transfer)

Fat injection, also known as grafting, creates natural, long lasting results by repositioning fat on the body. A fat transfer has a dual benefit: it takes out fat from undesired parts of the body and then uses it to plump up and provide more volume to regions where fat is diminished.

The Approach

A patient’s own fat tissue is taken from a donor site, and is immediately prepared for injection back into a new, chosen area. When done by itself, the procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic. When combined with additional facial surgery, a general anaesthetic is used. The procedure is performed in a fully accredited facility.

Other Treatment Options

Fat transfer can be done on its own, or in conjunction with other procedures such as a face lift (Rhytidectomy) or an eye lift (blepharoplasty).

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